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Om oversettelsen av Johannes 5,26 i NT05

Bibelselskapets to NT05-oversettelser inneholder en liten, men signifikant forskjell seg imellom i Johannes 5,26:


For slik Far har liv i seg sjølv, har han òg gjeve Sonen å ha liv i seg sjølv (nynorsk)

For slik Far har liv i seg selv, har han også gitt Sønnen å ha liv (bokmål)


Sakens kjerne er det lille leddet en autō (”i seg selv”), som altså oversettes i nynorsk-versjonen, men utelates i bokmålsversjonen. Denne utelatelsen virker uheldig, og svekker et viktig poeng i verset, nemlig at sønnen har ikke bare liv, men liv i seg selv - likesom Far.


Også de gamle, som oversatte NO30, tar med seg det aktuelle leddet i oversettelsen: ”For likesom Faderen har liv i sig selv, således har han også gitt Sønnen å ha liv i sig selv."


Morten og Årstein

Dunn on Romans 9:5

"Romans 9:5, of course, is regularly taken as referring to Christ as God. For myself, however, I find it virtually impossible to argue that any Jew, or Gentile familiar with Jewish theology as Paul assumes the readers of Romans to be, would think to read the benediction "God over all things" as referring to the Jewish Messiah."

Source: p. 206 in Dunns "Christology as an Aspect of Christology" in "The Future of Christology. Essays in Honor of Leander E. Keck", 1993: Fortress Press.




Centre for the Study of Christian Origins

The Centre for the Study of Christian Origins (CSCO, University of Edinburgh, School of Divinity) has recently launched a blog site. The director, Larry Hurtado, presents it in the following way: "CSCO (known among us as “Cisco”) is essentially a local network of scholars in the School of Divinity working in NT and in Patristics/early Christianity.  Part of our aim is precisely to link the tradtional fields of NT and Patristics, with a focus on the first few centuries CE. "

Check it out!



SBL: Paul J. Achtemeier Award for New Testament Scholarship

The Paul J. Achtemeier Award for New Testament Scholarship goes to C. Kavin Rowe, Assistant Professor of New Testament, Duke University Divinity School.

The SBL presents the winner in the following way: "Kavin has been teaching at Duke University since 2003, published numerous articles and authored several books. In addition, he has received several prestigious academic awards and has served as a volunteer with SBL for many years. Please join us in congratulating him with this honor. "


In light of this, I would like to recommend an article by C. Kavin Rowe, which is called "Romans 10:13: What is the name of the Lord?" - Order it to your library through ATLA religion database:


Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

James D.G. Dunn latest contribution to the scholarly debate on Christology and Christian origins takes place in his latest book: Did the First Christians Worship Jesus? Buy it here if you haven't bought it yet.

Also, I would like to admonish you to read a review essay of this book by Larry W. Hurtado.

Download the review (PDF) for free here:


Jesus as lordy example

Every scholar interested in Christian origins and christology should read this "classic" by Larry W. Hurtado. Hurtado has recently put this article available for download on his blog.

He presents like this:

"This is a PDF on an essay published in 1984 in a multi-author volume honoring Frank Beare (a major Canadian NT scholar from yester-year).  It’s been cited favorably in a number of commentaries and other studies subsequently, but reportedly the volume is difficult now to find."