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Faith vs. Reason: Farewell to SBL?

Ronald S. Hendel (University of California, Berkeley) claims that the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), the main organization for Biblical scholarship in North America, has now left their former position on the relationship between faith and reason. All this because of money (mammon), he claims.

Read his statement here:


1QH 9,9-10, "them" and "their"

By Your wisdom [You have establish]ed the successive [generations] and before You created them You knew {all} their works 10forever and ever. [For apart from You no]thing is done, and without Your will nothing is known.

Who do "them" og "their" refer to in this text? Opinions? Good old Mansoor (The Thanksgiving Hymns, 55) says that “This is as clear a statement of God’s foreknowledge of man as one could make.”  But how can this be clear when there are no clear references to humans? For me it seems more natural to take the lines as referring to other parts of God's creation.


The Temple Scroll - Created Locally?

Researchers of the National Laboratories of the South (LNS) in Catania of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN, Italy's National Institute for Nuclear Physics) have shed new light on the origin of the Temple Scroll. reports:

This finding was made possible by the combined use of a new system of analysis known as "XPIXE", patented by the INFN National Laboratories of the South, and a located at the same facility.


The analyses, which were conducted by INFN physicists in collaboration with researchers from IBAM-CNR, have revealed that one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, in particular, the Temple Scroll (which is not part of the biblical narration and instead describes the construction and life of a temple and dictates how laws are to be communicated to the people), may have been made near the Dead Sea, in the area of Qumran, where the scrolls were found. In other words, the scrolls may have been created locally.

Årstein (via Stephen Goranson)